Helping Hand Hangers | Time-saving and durable taxidermy mount hangers

  • "Hi Steve, I just LOVE your hangers --- I'm a disabled taxidermist I'm pretty much one-handed And your hangers are just wonderful !!! They make it so much easier for me to move around the mounts I can't wait for you to come out with some for the heavier mounts. Thanks very much"
    Debbie - Wildlife Adventures
    Taxidermy Studio Lostant, Illinois


  • "I love the Helping Hand Hangers! It can be a real pain to hold a shoulder mount, a screw , and a drill at the same time, But with these hangers transferring mounts to and from my stand is a breeze."
    Nina from PA


  • "Great products Steve, I love the hangers and brackets. They are great time savers."
    D.Price - Outback Taxidermy
    Youngsville, NC


  • "Steve, I save a considerable amount of time by being able to quickly move mounts from one work station to another. You have a quality product that is very usable and durable."
    Charles Schram - Charlies Wild Things Taxidermy


  • "These hangers have taken the frustration out of finish work, no more fumbling with the mounting stand bracket, Just hang the headon the stand put in two screws then go to work! I would be lost without them! The most helpful new product to come along in the taxidermy industry since Stop Rot."
    Micheal P. Schlabach - M.A.D. Taxidermy
    La Grange, TX


  • "I love them! I was astounded at just how much time they saved. Time is money and you will make more money using these hangers. Thanks again for this wonderful contribution to the industry!"
    Curt - North Woods Taxidermy


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