Helping Hand Hangers | Time-saving and durable taxidermy mount hangers

  • "Hi Steve, I just LOVE your hangers --- I'm a disabled taxidermist I'm pretty much one-handed And your hangers are just wonderful !!! They make it so much easier for me to move around the mounts I can't wait for you to come out with some for the heavier mounts. Thanks very much"
    Debbie - Wildlife Adventures
    Taxidermy Studio Lostant, Illinois


  • "I love the Helping Hand Hangers! It can be a real pain to hold a shoulder mount, a screw , and a drill at the same time, But with these hangers transferring mounts to and from my stand is a breeze."
    Nina from PA


  • "Great products Steve, I love the hangers and brackets. They are great time savers."
    D.Price - Outback Taxidermy
    Youngsville, NC


  • "Steve, I save a considerable amount of time by being able to quickly move mounts from one work station to another. You have a quality product that is very usable and durable."
    Charles Schram - Charlies Wild Things Taxidermy


  • "These hangers have taken the frustration out of finish work, no more fumbling with the mounting stand bracket, Just hang the headon the stand put in two screws then go to work! I would be lost without them! The most helpful new product to come along in the taxidermy industry since Stop Rot."
    Micheal P. Schlabach - M.A.D. Taxidermy
    La Grange, TX


  • "I love them! I was astounded at just how much time they saved. Time is money and you will make more money using these hangers. Thanks again for this wonderful contribution to the industry!"
    Curt - North Woods Taxidermy


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This new stand head makes changing mounts a breeze, Just slide the mount on and off the stand without using screws to hold it in place. The system comes with 2 dozen hangers and 6 wall brackets.

$ 60.00


  Cape SaverTanning Machine....

The new floor model comes with a steel base high enough to put a tub or bucket under the unit. It has a new inlet and a drain plug for easy draining, It has a heavy duty motor with cooling fan. This unit comes with 25# of the premium tanning crystals. UNITS ARE BUILT TO ORDER CALL FOR DELIVERY TIMES


 new standThe Assistant Taxidermy Mounting Stand

This stand does more than just hold your work! It has a foot operated lift assist. It is indexed for plum and level, This comes in handy for setting your eyes and antlers . It will tilt 180% and pivots 360% . This stand puts your work where you need it with a simple push on the pedal. I have 3 stands with legs as shown in the picture to the left, I have 15 units that come with a square plate to bolt to the floor.  I am discontinuing the stands when there gone there gone. Option 2 is with legs.




 tanning crystalsPremium Tanning Crystals

These crystals are formulated to give you great stretch as well as great hair setting qualities

Mix 1 LB with 1 Gallon of water




 tanning crystalsBasic Tanning Crystals

These are the original crystals that came with the auto tanner. Mix 1 LB with 1 Gallon of water




lubi-stretch Lubi-stretch Oil

This oil works great with the tanning crystals, You can add it to the solution or apply after




flesher smFleshing Tool:

Due to the number of requests for the "yellow thing" we've taken the time to develop this handy fleshing tool. The plastic form holds razor blades and allows taxidermists ultimate control and precision with their cuts when fleshing capes. But be careful - this thing is very sharp!  It comes with (5) razor blades to use - enough for five capes. Extra blades will be posted for sale soon. For demonstrations on how this product is used please visit our fleshing series thats located on our video page.




 Extra Fleshing Blades

Extra razor blades for the yellow tool


cone smFleshing Cone:

The fleshing cone is great for stretching sensitive areas such as eyes and nose when fleshing. View our video demonstration to see how a professional uses it.


hanger animationHelping Hand Hangers

Helping Hand Hangers were developed for the taxidermist by a taxidermist. Working alone, as many taxidermist do, you likely find yourself in need of an extra pair of hands to assist in securing mounts to the stand for finish work. Instead of fumbling around with a screw gun in one hand, the mount in the other, simply install the hanger on the mannikin from the beginning and slip it on or off the mounting plate as needed. This hanger not only saves time, it is also a secure finishing hanger that your customers can appreciate. Use it with the wall bracket for extra durability when hanging large game heads (i.e. elk, moose, bear, and more...). The combination of the mount hanger and the wall bracket has been "field tested" at over 240 lbs! Watch the video demonstration... Whether your an experienced taxidermist, or a beginner, the Helping Hand Hanger will make the mounting process that much easier. What about the hunter? Secure your trophy mount with strength you can depend on. Upgrade your hanger today. Specifications - Made of .060 inch steel with rust proof, clear galvanized coating. 1/4 inch offset for a quick fasten to mounting plate. Used by itself, or with wall bracket for extra support. View Video Demonstration


Hanger Kits:

kitsRegular Kit - This kit includes all items needed for hanging (1) mount. If the mount needs more spacing between it and the wall surface, you may want the offset version. Kit Includes: (1) Helping Hand Hanger - (1) Regular Wall Bracket - (2) Small Rubber Bumbers



Offset Kit - Also includes the items needed for (1) mount, but allows for a 1" space between the mount and the wall surface. Animals with thick fur/hair may need this. For taxidermists in particular, this is great to allow air flow when mounting/drying. Kit Includes: (1) Helping Hand Hanger - (1) Offset Wall Bracket - (2) Large Rubber Bumbers.






Wall Brackets:

bracket stillRegular Brackets - While the hangers themselves work great with small to medium-sized game (up to whitetail shoulder mounts), there is need for extra strength when securing your large game trophies. Elk, moose, bear, and other large game mounts can be secured with confidence using wall brackets. These custom designed taxidermy wall brackets are made to hold any mount using the Helping Hand Hanger! Attach the wall bracket using 2 multi-purpose or wood screws directly into a stud for maximum stability. The combination of the mount hanger and the wall bracket has been "field tested" at over 240 lbs! Watch the video demonstration... Whether your an experienced taxidermist, or a beginner, the Helping Hand Hanger will make the mounting process that much easier. Upgrade your hanger today. Specifications: 1/4 inch steel cut specifically to hold Helping Hand Hangers. Tested at over 240 pounds. Black, rust-resistant coating, also available in a 1 inch offset


1" Offset Brackets - Some taxidermists prefer to have a small gap between their mount and the wall. In humid areas, the air flow helps to avoid mold. This offset allows for natural hair flow, especially for game like moose and caribou. Now you have the option to have your taxidermy wall brackets made with a 1 inch offset. When using an offset we recommended also using specially designed offset bumpers. Specifications: - 1/4 inch steel hanging plate, Offset channel: 3/4 inch carbon steel with black, rust-resistant coating. Custom offsets are possible. Please contact us for more information.













bumpersRegular Bumpers - Designed for use with Helping Hand Hangers and regular wall brackets, these rubber bumpers are the final touch to securing a trophy mount. Specifications: 1/2 inch black rubber. Recessed for screw heads.



1" Offset Bumpers - Designed for use with Helping Hand Hangers and offset wall brackets, these rubber bumpers are the final touch to securing a trophy mount. Specifications: 1 inch black rubber, recessed for screw heads




STOP-ROT was developed by Whitetail Designer Systems as a "helping hand" to taxidermists. STOP-ROT extends the work time of a fresh hide by slowing down or stopping decompositions. Once the STOP-ROT has been properly applied, the skin will air dry before it will rot. That gives you all the time you need to flesh, turn ears, and split lips. STOP-ROT is non-volatile, and "It just doesn't get any easier to use." It was developed as an aid in preventing hair and epidermal slip. A lot of skins and capes that would normally be trashed can be saved with STOP-ROT. Not only has it been stopping epidermal and hair slips, it has also been improving efficiency of acids in the acid/saline solution (pickle). It keeps the slimy membrane from "sliming-up", making it easier to shave off, and allows faster and deeper penatration of acids.

STOP-ROT (32 oz) - $18.95

Beginners Taxidermy - Whitetail Shoulder Mount DVD:

We've taken all of our video segments and created a DVD. Watch all of the videos without interuption or ads. Use the menu to find exactly what you want! Pause, fast-forward - anything you can do with your DVD player! The length of the DVD is just under 4 hours. If ever we update this series, you can request a new copy with any product order.